Thursday, October 15, 2009


I believe the current trend in corporate downsizing and layoffs coupled with my generation of “baby-boomers” reaching retirement age will create the largest unemployed population in US history. As human beings, we have the brainpower and the technology to solve many of the world’s problems. The answers is empowering people by allowing them to do what they aspire to do and helping them do it well. The Internet has given us a new playing field - a new frontier if you will. We can use these tools and resources to inexpensively create two-way globally accessible broadcast media communications. We can set-up communities of interest as well as local, regional and international meetings to share, compare and solve local and global problems. I’ve begun to demonstrate this through an on-line community that helps people view, touch and learn the ‘hands-on’ use of broadcast and communications media technology. I’m betting everything I’ve got on my research; and through this blog you can see and participate in the results. For more information on self-employment, visit Paula Robinson at


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