Thursday, December 10, 2009


If you are new to looking at web servers, you'll want to begin with a highly experienced server farm that provides low cost, 24/7 support, no hidden fees, keeps an eye on what the market charges, adjusts their fees (lower) without asking, and offers easy to set-up templates that you can later convert when\if you master web design. I suggest or I've used both with great success. When setting up your website, keep your naming - e.g. titles, subtitles, mission, address, phone numbers, email address, etc. the same as your website name. Put those matching opening introductions on your business cards, stationary, brochures and website. It sounds simple, but this introduction of a matching corporate identity is very important to your public face. Particularly paying attention as you grow, because you will change things from time to time. The most convenient method of keeping track and updating or refreshing your public\business face is create a system that allows you to change everything all in one sitting. Try putting all of your marketing materials in one folder on your computer and labeling that folder "Marketing Materials 2009." That way each year you can copy that folder, give it a new year end and update your public\business face to suit your current needs. For more information on creating and managing a public\business face, visit Paula Robinson at


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